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WForex Cash Wars Traders’ contest on demo-accounts. Trade in the contest and win up to $1400. All prize contest on demo accounts with real money prize. The prize fund of 10 000 USD as well as an incentive prize of $10 to all participants.

Link – Win $1400 Cash Wars Demo Contest

Contest Details

  • In order to take part in the contest – register a contest account.
  • First 50 participants share the fixed prize fund 10 000 USD.
  • The participants who haven’t got into the prize table shall get 10 USD as a reward bonus for active participation.
  • New participants shall additionally get +500 points from according to the program Rebate Club.
  • Registration for the contest: 20.04.2020 – 18.05.2020
  • Running the contest: 11.05.2020 – 01.06.2020
  • Summing up the results: till 08.06.2020

Terms & Conditions

  • Registration and participation in the current contest is possible from the moment of the contest announcement as well as at any moment during holding of the current contest (after its start), but not later than 14 days before its completion.
  • The trading- analytical platform World Forex Trade Station (MetaTrader4) or the web-platform WebTrader. Mobile versions of the terminal for smartphones or tablet PCs
  • In order to take part in the contest it is necessary to register on the company’s site, fill in the personal data application form and proceed to the section Contest on the site. Being in the authorized status, it is required to confirm participation in the contest. Registering in the Contest, a Participant denotes his-her full consent with the present rules


1place prize $1400
2place prize $900
3place prize $700
4place prize $600
5place prize $550
6place prize $500
7place prize $450
8place prize $400
9place prize $350
10place prize $300
11place prize $250
12place prize $240
13place prize $230
14place prize $220
15place prize $200
16place prize $190
17place prize $180
18place prize $170
19place prize $160
20place prize $150
21place prize $140
22place prize $130
23place prize $120
24place prize $110
25place prize $100
26place prize $95
27place prize $90
28place prize $85
29place prize $80
30place prize $75
31place prize $70
32place prize $65
33place prize $60
34place prize $55
35place prize $50
36place prize $45
37place prize $45
38place prize $45
39place prize $45
40place prize $35
41place prize $35
42place prize $35
43place prize $35
44place prize $35
45place prize $30
46place prize $30
47place prize $30
48place prize $30
49place prize $30
50place prize $30

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